Cool 'Minecraft' Creations: 3D Printer and Graphing Calculator

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Even though the game has been available on PC for several years now, Minecraft never ceases to amaze. From the intricate and detailed recreations of real or fictional locales (like this Minecraft version of King's Landing) to the sheer amount of content that continues to roll out on a regular basis, Mojang's little-PC-game that-could has become a global phenomenon.

With that in mind, we bring you yet another impressive Minecraft creation, one that could top all others: a 3D printer! That's right, one clever Minecraft user has discovered a way to make 3D objects within the game.

Obviously, this 3D printer isn't the same $1,000+ device that is the envy of tech enthusiasts everywhere, but it's still pretty awesome nonetheless. Sure, players could still make a giant Creeper using individual blocks and a fair bit of planning, but this virtual machine does all the work for them.

Check out the 3D printer in action in the video below:


Not to be outdone, another Minecraft user has found a way to create a graphing calculator in the game. You know, the thing we all played games on in high school.

While the 3D printer was an impressive demonstration of ingenuity and Minecraft knowledge, the graphing calculator has the added wow factor of a backside view (seen in the gallery below). That way, we can see just how many moving parts go into creating one of these Minecraft devices, and, if we so choose, learn how to duplicate it. Oh, and did we also mention that the Minecraft user that created the graphing calculator is only 14? Crazy.

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Even some 2 years later, the Minecraft train is still rolling, and more impressive creations are turning up almost every day. Some are impressive for their ingenuity, while others impress with their sheer scope or attention to detail.

But most importantly all of these creations showcase what a varied sandbox/platform Mojang has created. They've turned a small PC game about destroying different colored blocks into a multi-million dollar best seller. It's no wonder so many there are so many Minecraft copycats out there.

Is this the most impressive thing you've seen created in Minecraft? What have you tried to make in the world of Minecraft?


Source: Reddit

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