Despite being readily available on a number of different platforms, Minecraft (the indie smash-hit from Mojang) has yet to make its debut on next generation consoles. As Microsoft was quick to point out during its press conference at E3 2013, the block-based adventure game will be making an appearance on the Xbox One just as soon as the game can be completed, but there was one major feature that the house of Gates was hoping to bring to the forthcoming version.

Microsoft previously expressed interest in allowing Minecraft players that have the game on 360 to transfer their beloved save files to the Xbox One. Since over 12 million copies of the game have been sold on the current-gen platform, it makes sense that the company will want to allow its current install base to transfer save files to the revamped (and allegedly enhanced) next-gen iteration.

None other than Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, took to Twitter to confirm that these aspirations will be realized for Xbox One owners.

Despite the confirmation, it’s still unknown how gamers will go about moving their saves from one console to another. Spencer did promise that more details will be arriving “soon,” although there’s no telling when that’ll be. That said, it’s far from a point of contention considering that Minecraft has yet to even release on the Xbox One, but the companies attached to the project must have worked hard to make the transferability of saved data a reality — so they’ll be sure to hype it near the title’s release.

Provided the achievements remain the same between the two versions, transferring levels will save players that completed the original list of challenges on 360 a lot of time securing them on Xbox One. Fortunately, word is that Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is nearly completed, so the wait for gamers to get their hands on it (and snag a peak at the impending list of achievements) isn’t long.

Are you excited by the prospect of being able to transfer past 360 saves to the Xbox One version of Minecraft?


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Source: Phil Spencer — Twitter