GR Pick: 'Minecraft 2 Ender Rising' Fan Trailer

GR Pick Minecraft 2 Ender Rising Fan Trailer

After Notch turned over control of the Minecraft project to his second in command Jens “Jeb” Bergensten, people may have wondered what it meant for the future of the game. Since Jeb had a big hand in the development of Minecraft, it could just mean the game will continue to evolve and become more awesome.

Still, what could Minecraft look like if it had high resolution graphics and a physics engine? One YouTube user by the name of Nathan Glemboski created a video that may answer these questions.

After the launch of Minecraft 1.0, Nathan also wondered what the future of Minecraft would look like and decided to create a video showing off a couple of things he would like to see. The game already has added functionality from pistons, and switches. There’s even a mod that allows the user to create a digging machine that does the mining for them. Small turrets can be made in Minecraft, though in Nathan’s Minecraft future, bigger is better.

Check the video for "Minecraft 2 Ender Rising" below:


Forget high resolution graphics. Imagine creating a simple house than can transform into a giant cannon at the touch of a button. Yes, this is something that needs to happen, and hopefully in time it will.

Mojang is going through a transitional phase right now. Notch stepping down and Jeb taking control is just one aspect; the developers also have to get the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft up and running. Additionally, Mojang has to complete development on its new game, Scrolls, a title that is best known for the trademark infringement case involving Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax.

Regardless of court cases, the development of both Minecraft and Scrolls is moving forward and given the creative talent behind the games, many can be confident that the futures for both of these game will be bright – and full of Endermen.

What would you like to see added to Minecraft?


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