The official Minecraft 1.8 update was close to launching on Monday, September 12th, but as per tradition, it did not. The update however, was still playable since a pre-release version (a beta of a beta?) was made available over the weekend for manual install from eager players, and this gave rise to a plethora of bugs that were worked on at Mojang now before the Minecraft adventure update launched for real.

It’s out now – and while you wait for our epic Minecraft 1.8 guide – we do have some Minecraft entertainment in the form of a cool new Minecraft YouTube vid. This one however, is not your usual in-game footage…

Titled ‘Minecraft 1.8 Ganster Rap,’ this YouTube video comes from use hiimrawn as part of his ‘Gets Played’ series. It’s a rap music video, it’s over-the-top, but the live-action costumes are hilariously awesome, as is the lyrics which should hit home with any experienced Minecraft player. Let’s not forget the inclusion of YouTube Minecraft celebs Simon (HoneyDew) and Lewis (Xephos) and their respective Commander Riker and Dwarf character skins who also appear.

Watch and enjoy


So, who wants to make some of these costumes with us for Halloween?

Minecraft Honeydew Costume

As for the actual game, the biggest update ever is out (the 1.8 Minecraft patch) and represents the first half of the big Adventure Update. 1.9 will take a while but these two should sum up the rest of the major content changes before Minecraft officially exits its beta status in November.

Fore more on the Minecraft 1.8 update:

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