It’s been a long time coming, and fans have been anxious to start exploring a world filled with many more unique obstacles and entities. Ever since the unexpected pre-release version of the 1.8 Minecraft update, gamers have been trying to find out as many secrets as they can before the official release of the Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update. With changes ranging from new mobs to new craftables to new biomes, there’s a lot to talk about.

Without further ado, let’s explore the world of Minecraft in what is without a doubt the biggest update the game has ever seen:

Creative Mode

That’s right, Creative Mode is back with a vengeance, and better than ever before. When making a new world, players have the option to enter Survival Mode (regular gameplay) or Creative, though it cannot be changed once the choice has been made. Once in Creative Mode, players can open a pallet to instantly select and spawn any type of block or item in the game, allowing users to build infinitely without having to worry about mining, death or hunger. All blocks will break in one hit regardless of what tool or item is being held, and by double-tapping the jump key, players can take flight to build anywhere without needing to construct stairs. It’s a much-anticipated update to the very origin of Minecraft itself, and is a great mode for those who just want to create. Of course, servers have the option to function as either Survival or Creative, so you can always build that Star Trek Enterprise replica with a bunch of buds!

Minecraft 1.8 Creative Mode

The New Survival Mode

The brand new version of Survival Mode entails rewards for the gamer who dares to go out to fight, gather supplies and face the dangers of the pixelated world. Incorporated RPG style elements such as experience points and a food consumption bar, the new Survival Mode is sure to make gameplay a little bit more challenging for those who play on more than Peaceful:

Minecraft 1.8 Combat


First and foremost, it needs to be said that experience has no purpose in the game right now. Notch stated that until 1.9, there’ll be no way to unlock things with earned experience points, which will deplete anytime the player dies. Experience is gained by picking up ‘Experience Orbs’, which drop from any mob killed by hand.  The orbs can be red, blue or yellow but at the moment there’s no difference between them. The green bar below the health mete will fill up as you gather experience orbs, eventually filling up and giving you an experience point, then emptying for the process to begin again.

Minecraft 1.8 bow arrow

Combat System

The face of combat has changed from how we once knew it. Critical hits, blocking and sprinting can change the way we do combat entirely. At the moment, a critically hit can be scored by slashing out at a mob while in mid-jump, and players will see a little dust-like animation spawn from the mob while delivering the blow, confirming that a critical was scored on it.

Blocking is achieved by holding down the right-click when any type of sword is selected, allowing players to try and deflect or minimize the damage from an enemy attack. While blocking, movement is restricted to a slow-walk.

Sprinting allows players to travel at twice the normal rate of speed, but consumes the hunger bar very quickly. Sprinting is achieved by double tapping the forward key and holding it, then simply releasing it to stop the sprint. If you do this leading up to a jump, you’ll be able to jump further (4 blocks as opposed to the normal two) however, players will find it much harder to turn or change direction when sprinting. Additionally, if you sprint into an attack, you’ll rebound off the mob, giving yourself some space to quickly get out of a hectic situation.

As good as melee combat is, we can’t forget about distance strikes. The bow has received many changes in the Minecraft Adventure Update, functioning entirely differently than it did before. Instead of rapidly clicking the mouse to fire repeatedly, holding down the fire key will allow the bow to launch power shots. Hold down left-click to charge up an arrow, and then release as you see fit. The longer the button is held down, the further and straighter the arrow will fly, dealing more damage to the enemy in question if it hits.

If a fully charged arrow strikes a mob, the arrow will actually protrude from their bodies as they move about (presuming they didn’t die), which marks the first time a mob is graphically effected by an attack from the player. Bows also have new animations, stretching as a player charges the shots.

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