The Minecraft 1.6 Update brings players over a hundred bug fixes and some fantastic new additions to the game for both single player and multiplayer. With four more patches already applied to the original update, Minecraft is running pretty well with all the new additions and changes – it’s time we go in and explore our favorite worlds, which now have a few more features added to them.

It’s been more than a month since the last update, but fans have been anticipating this one for weeks. Though features like the Sky World haven’t been included, there’s still a decent amount of changes to make the Minecraft 1.6 update one to remember.

Let’s delve into the update and take a look at the new features:

Minecraft Mini-Map Exploring


Each Map is made by surrounding a compass by paper on all sides, which means that you need a total of 8 paper and 1 compass per map. Once crafted, the map will beginning showing a geographical view of the world, the center of which will be where the map was created. Beware, though – this isn’t some magical map, you’ll have to have it out in your hands as you walk for it to begin recording your travels. Likewise, it behaves just like a regular map – it has its own dimensions, and when you go past the edge of the paper, the map won’t be updating anymore – you’ll have to craft more maps when you uncover more land.

Maps are also functional in multiplayer, meaning you can give a friend a map of areas you have explored. Though underground maps are not yet possible, Notch mentioned that they’d be an interesting idea. Likewise, he’d also like to be able to pin them up on a wall at some point. Given that this level of custom detail is able to be transferred, Notch hinted that writable books may be a feature of the future. Oh, and for the avid mapper, you’re map limit is 65,536 unique maps. We don’t think that should be a problem.

Minecraft featuring new tall grass and dead shrubs.

Tall Grass and Shrubs

One of the simplest possible changes to the game has turned out to change the entire feel dramatically – grassy hills and ranges now have the possibility of being covered in tall grass and shrubs, whereupon deserts will now have dead shrubs on occasion. They do not impede your movement at all, but it should be noted that Shrubs are now the go-to source for seeds when you’re planting crop, as opposed to trimming the regular grass off of blocks. More than anything, this is an aesthetic change.

Minecraft Trapdoor in the 1.6 Update


Yes, the addition of a horizontal door solution is finally here! The hatch – also known as the trapdoor – is crafted by a 2×3 wooden block pattern. The hatch will flick open upwards when clicked, and as expected can be activated by a redstone trigger. Though they’re small in stature, so far they don’t work properly next to double half-blocks, so until this is fixed keep your hatches next to some proper solid blocks – and beware that if those blocks are destroyed, your hatch goes with it! And before you wonder, liquids won’t flow through an open hatch – this is an item meant for Minecraft Steve and his friends to go through.

The Rest of the 1.6 Updates

The Rest of the Stuff

As promised, the Nether is now available in Minecraft Survival Multiplayer. At the current time of writing, all portals on the regular server map lead to the same portal in the Nether because of a bug, which will hopefully be fixed soon. Additionally, when you see players destroying a block in multiplayer it will now show the particle breaking effect, which has been missing until now.

Another great feature is shift-clicking when clicking an item to bring into your inventory – this will take as much of the item as possible, and bring it all down into your inventory. A great time-saving technique when you’re grabbing a few hundred cobblestone!

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