Minecraft New Launcher

Mojang has certainly kept busy with Minecraft, recently announcing a ‘new’ Xbox One edition and working on sending out several snapshot updates prior to the large 1.6 update, which finally released yesterday. Alongside this new update was a new launcher interface, which brings with it plenty of changes which should leave Minecraft users happy.

The new launcher interface is required to run Version 1.6 and beyond, and has been made immediately available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Users with the older launcher will be prompted to download the new one as soon as they log in.

The new launcher automatically detects and downloads newer versions of the game, eliminating the need for gamers to manually confirm updates. Once the program is launched, the update should start to immediately download. This doesn’t include snapshot updates, but it’s a handy time-saving feature that was probably overdue. Players will be able to revert to older versions of the game at any time, allowing them to join servers which may not have immediately updated to the latest edition of the game.

The launcher also boasts improved security and stability, as well as putting some ‘behind the scenes’ code in place which will help for future API changes. With the online scene still full of custom modifications, it’s great to see Mojang continuing in a direction that supports these independent fans.

Minecraft Horse Update

The latest update introduces horses to Minecraft.

If players wish to disable the automatic updates, there will be an option to enable ‘offline mode’ so that the launcher doesn’t immediately scan for a server to download the update from.┬áThose interested in downloading the new launcher can do so here.

On the console-side of things, 4J Studios has announced that the Xbox 360 edition of the game just reached an impressive 7 million in sales. The news come one day ahead of an announced avatar clothing pack for Minecraft, which includes some adorable pixelated puppies and a giant chicken head. This marks the first Minecraft Xbox 360 edition update since the May Update, so hopefully in-game content update will be released soon. With the Retail Disc version of the game reportedly flying off shelves, 4J Studios will have their hands full trying to keep the latest influx of fans satisified.

The news of the updated PC Launcher has no affect on the console version of the game, so updates will continue as previously scheduled from 4J Studios.

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Source: Polygon, Twitter