Minecraft 1.1 Update Trailer & Details Offer Us Creeper Eggs

Minecraft 1.1 Update Trailer

On Wednesday, Jens “Jeb” Bergensten, the lead designer for Minecraft, announced that the first official major update for the game since it launched in November would release this week. It would include all of the "snapshot" updates over the weeks into one large patch, fixing a few bugs, adding a few options, and generally improving the game.

Leading up to the full release of Minecraft, major beta updates were released almost monthly, adding a variety of in-game items, lighting changes, options and eventually the content that made up the major 'Adventure Update' - many of which came from the modding community - giving users more to explore and do than ever before. Mojang promised that even after dropping its Beta status, it would still be worked on and updated as normal. So, as us Minecraft players know, the full release was more of a formality and here we are today, with the details and trailer for the Minecraft 1.1 update.

Updates have been coming out through "snapshots" and the 1.1 update combines these into one full-fledged game patch. Watch the official Minecraft 1.1 trailer from Hat Films to see some of the new game features in action:


And the bonus video Hat Films put together for their own YouTube channel: Filfy' Animals - Episode 1:


 Here's a list highlights from the 1.1 update:

  • Multiple language options.
  • Apples fall from trees.
  • Golden apples recipe altered - easier to make.
  • Eggs added to creative mode for different types of mobs (including hostile mobs).
  • Sheep can eat grass to regrow wool (turning grass block into dirt)
    • Baby sheep eat a lot more grass than adult sheep.

    There are also other various tweaks and bug fixes included. With these now implemented, what changes/additions would you like to see in the 1.2 update?

    Minecraft is currently available on PC and Mac with the Pocket Edition available on iOS and Android devices.


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