Notch Unveils 'MineCon' Date and Details

Minecraft MineCon Convention Details Released

The first tasty tidbits of information for the upcoming MineCon have been released, the world's first Minecraft Convention. Notch has been stating for a while now that he wanted the convention to coincide with the release of the game - and it looks like they were able to get him what he wanted.

The convention will take place November 18th to the 19th, in the stylish Mandalay Bay building in Las Vegas. If you're a fan of Minecraft, the convention is surely one you should "creep" in on!

The registration website for the event is scheduled to be up next week, though it still hasn't been revealed how many crafters will actually be able to attend the event. With the maximum capacity uncertain, you'd better keep an eye on Notch's Tumblr and Twitter accounts to see when the tickets will be released - because they're bound to fly out faster than an Enderman under your reticule.

With the actual convention date not too far in the future, more announcements are bound to come out of Mojang soon, including a number of Minecraft themed amusements and new game reveals sure to be exclusive to the event. As Notch previously stated, just because the full version of Minecraft is due this November, development and extensions will still be regularly scheduled:

"For me, MineCon is about celebrating the full release of Minecraft. I’m really looking forward to getting up on stage and pushing the button to upload the final build."

The actual launch for the official update, which is evidently a big show, is sure to have many celebrations for fans who get to download the new game right after the official upload - providing there are no server problems. It's not often you get to see a developer push a big, flashy button and proclaim "Hey, I pushed the button. Enjoy."

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There's no word on whether some celebratory champagne will be corked upon the uploading ceremony, but we here at Game Rant wouldn't bet against it. The next biggest challenge for Notch will be finding ways to entertain the Minecraft fans right after the ceremony, who'll no doubt want to go back to their hotels and test out the final version of the game!

In the meantime, the upcoming Adventure Update should be enough to keep fans of the game busy until the convention. We'll fill you in on further event notices as they're released by Mojang Entertainment.

What do you think about MineCon? Will you be getting tickets to the event?

Source: PC Gamer

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