Minecon 2015 Sets Guinness World Record

As it stands, Minecraft is constantly growing in popularity, and it's easy to see why. The creation-focused title offers players free reign to build whatever they want in a large, open environment, with some users devoting years to building entire cities. The game has proved to be such a useful tool that versions have even been created for educational purposes, with plans in place to give free copies of Minecraft to every secondary school in Northern Ireland.

Mojang, now under the watchful eye of owner Microsoft, has also created a huge commercial success story by developing Minecraft. The PC version of the game has sold an incredible 20 million copies as of last week, whilst the Pocket Edition of the title has sold a grand total of 30 million copies to date. Propelled by a wealth of new content and regular updates, Minecraft has developed a huge, dedicated community that still manages to attract new fans at a steady rate.

It's no surprise, then, that Minecon 2015 had a hugely impressive turnout. The Minecraft convention, which has existed for four years and was held in London last week, has even managed to break a Guinness World Record for its attendance. According to The Independent, Minecon 2015 stands as the largest ever convention for a single video game, with 10,000 people attending.

Minecraft Birthday

In total, 73 countries were represented from the 10,000 attendees, with some fans travelling from as far afield as New Zealand to be at the convention. The world record was awarded to Mojang brand director Lydia Winters during the convention by a representative from Guinness. It's not the only world record that Minecraft has broken in its history, either, with the title still the pace-setter for the best-selling indie game and first country modelled at full scale in a video game.

Those 10,000 attendees did not travel all that way for nothing, either, as the convention brought more details on some highly-anticipated projects to light. Fans were given a first glimpse at Minecraft: Story Mode in the form of a premiere trailer. The story-based title is being developed by Telltale Games, and promises to give players a choose-your-own adventure experience in a Minecraft world.

Meanwhile, more details were revealed about Microsoft's continuing plans for Minecraft. A Windows 10 edition of the creativity-focused game was also announced at Minecon 2015, along with the news that current Minecraft PC players will be offered a free upgrade to the Windows 10 version. With the impressive E3 HoloLens demo still fresh in the minds of many, it seems like the sky's the limit for just how far Minecraft will continue to grow.

Source: The Independent

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