'MindJack' Trailer and Screens Detail How to Mind Hack

MindJack Mind Hacking Trailer

MindJack, the new third person shooter from Feelplus, is a game that gives players the ability to take over any NPC, mech, or creature at will. Details for the game have been fairly slim up until today's release of a new and extremely informative trailer.

The conceit of MindJack revolves around a technology known as Mind Wave. Using Mind Wave and a nifty Bluetooth-style headset, gamers are able to hack into and control other characters, mechs, and some of the game’s interesting creatures. To see mind hacking in action give the trailer a look:


Mind hacking takes place in three stages, starting with hacking out. Once a player has hacked out of their “hub character” they are free to move about the level in what is known as the Wanderer Phase. Whilst in the Wanderer Phase, a player is not visible to enemies. Think of it like Ghost Trick, only with a bit more violence.

Free to move around as they choose, the player must then search out a reasonable target. While it does seem like every character in the world of MindJack carries a gun, sometimes the best character to hack might be the one in the most strategic position.

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Now that a suitable target has been selected, it is up to the player to make great use of that NPC, creature, or mech. Don’t worry too much, as death is a mere speed bump that allows players to return to their Wanderer Phase in search of another suitable target to mind hack. Mind hacking is very much a wash, rinse, and repeat feature.

All in all, MindJack looks to have an original idea with a fairly standard execution. Given publisher Square Enix's pedigree for delivering solid titles, that should be enough to keep interest in this title reasonably high. What is disconcerting is the game’s apparent lack of a fail state. Without any fear of failure or death, what keeps the tension in MindJack high? Gamers will be able to find out when the game releases early next year.

What are your thoughts on MindJack’s concept of moving from NPC to NPC? Does it take away the drama or is it an enticing change of pace?

MindJack releases January 18, 2010, for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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