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Halo Mimobot USB

Most gaming systems have the ability to store your saved game data on a USB flash drive, with the Xbox 360 being the most recent. The advantages of this range anywhere from being a simple backup, a way to make your data mobile or just to have increased storage. The average geek undoubtedly has handfuls of USB flash drives lying around for various reasons, but if you don't, or you want something that looks a little less dull, then Mimoco's Mimobot line may just have what you're looking for.Mimobots are character themed USB flash drives - an idea that Mimoco brought to life with the intention of a new way to bring art to the digital world. Mimobots come in various flavors, including a line featuring Red and Blue Spartans from Halo and an elaborate Star Wars line. The capacities available are 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, and also are pre-loaded with content such as screen savers, wallpapers and more, relative to each model. Some Mimobot models also play character specific sounds when inserted or ejected.

Mimoco has a community feature where artists can submit their original designs to get voted on for production. They provide a template to artists, that is non-negotiable in shape and size, which they can design on.  Although licensing is a big push in their business, as the Star Wars line does great for them, the brand really harps on originality.

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Unfortunately, Mimoco's license with Halo is set to expire soon. They have, however, slashed the prices on the Halo line, so you can save a few bucks on a Spartan of your choice. When asked about renewing the license, or if they have any plans on other video game IP's, they said the Halo license is coming to an end, but do have interest in licensing other video game IP's in the future.

Mimoco kept tight lips in terms of other IP's they are going to be working with, though they did say there are some movies coming out soon that have characters that would "look really cool in Mimobot form" (hint hint!). If I were to guess, my only assumption would be TRON.

Mimobots succeed in making USB flash drives more interesting by giving personality to the small data drives we carry around, thus giving new meaning to the phrase "data companion". With a great line up already, Mimoco has great potential for their Mimobot line to become a huge novelty outlet with the continuous flow of movies, video games and great artistic talent.

Check out for the full line of Mimobots.

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