Players who have completed Mighty No. 9 are claiming that the credits are over four hours long — which means that they’re actually a little longer than the game itself.

After several years of anticipation, long-gestating Kickstarter project Mighty No. 9 was finally released this week. While the game’s length has been criticized by fans and critics alike, there are no such complaints about the duration of its closing credits.

A new video from GameXplain reveals that the end credits for Mighty No. 9 are over four hours long. This is perhaps to be expected, given that some 67,226 backers helped fund the project by contributing to its Kickstarter campaign — but the credits are hardly a fitting tribute for those that put money down.

A huge number of the people listed in the credits don’t actually have their name listed; they’re simply credited as ‘A Generous Backer’ and given a Mighty No. X number designation. It’s not clear whether these backers asked for their name to be omitted, or simply didn’t offer up the necessary information to the development team.

However, it does serve to make the already tiresome closing credits even more of a slog to get through. Given that a huge portion of those credited are simply given a number, there’s really not much reason to sit through four hours of scrolling text.

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By all accounts, this is not the biggest problem with Mighty No. 9. The game was meant to be a return to the classic gameplay of the original Mega Man series — but this week’s critical response has not been kind. Just about everything from its awkward gameplay to its underwhelming graphics have been criticized at length.

The game’s length might turn out to be its biggest failure. Most players will breeze through the main campaign mode in around five hours, meaning that those with above-average skills will likely be able to complete Mighty No. 9 in less time than it takes to watch its closing credits.

Despite all this bad news surrounding the game’s release, its creator Keiji Inafune is attempting to remain positive. In a livestream publicizing its launch, Inafune stated that he was satisfied with the way Mighty No. 9 had turned out, damning the game with faint praise as he noted that the finished product was “better than nothing.”

Of course, scores of the game’s backers suffering from buyer’s remorse might have a different opinion on the matter. Still, Inafune remains optimistic about the project — he’s even gone as far as to discuss the possibility of a sequel.

Mighty No. 9 is available now for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 (delayed), Wii U, and PC. The game is also expected to also be ported to Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita.

Source: GameXplain (via Destructoid)