When Mighty No. 9 was finally released after a long and difficult development cycle, the game was a huge disappoint to those who had backed it on Kickstarter. Receiving mediocre reviews and suffering from a backlash over the game’s fumbled release, the Mega Man-esque title immediately faded from memory for many. For those who pledged for the boxed edition of the game, however, there’s been something of a rude remembrance, as those physical boxes have started to arrive.

There’s one major problem with this Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter reward, however. The box itself is apparently arriving flat packed, with the backer then expected to build it. To top it off, this edition comes with a physical game manual, but this manual does not fit inside the box to which it is attached.

Understandably, those who made this pledge are more than a little unhappy about it. Although by now many of those who made this $60 commitment to Mighty No. 9 may not have been expecting the world, given the game’s rightful place on the list of the most disappointing games of 2016, it isn’t too much to ask for the manual to be of the right dimensions to fit inside the game box. Here’s one such example of the box edition arriving:

Those receiving this box and manual pack were the backers that pledged at least $60 to the cause. The pledge that specifically relates to this box promised a “classic-style game box (Western- or Japanese-style, your choice), a printed version of the instruction manual (English or Japanese, your choice), and a special Backer-only golden color variation for the game’s hero.” Although the received items technically match those descriptions, it hasn’t stopped backers from being a little bit aggrieved.

For those on the outside looking in, however, it’s yet another part of the Mighty No. 9 story, compounding the game’s failures once more. The game has been seen to be extremely damaging for the prospects of crowdfunding in video game development, with some even asking questions about how crowdfunding can win back gamers. That’s hardly the legacy that many expected of the game when it was first announced so long ago.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Mighty No. 9 has managed to achieve, with an average-at-best game release overshadowed by the various problems that plagued the project. Now, with most Kickstarter backers receiving their rewards, there’s just the matter of the handheld releases of the game before Mighty No. 9 can finally be laid to rest.

Mighty No. 9 is out now for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 , Wii U, and PC. The versions for 3DS and PS Vita have yet to be released.