Midnight Rant: Pre-E3 Jitters

Here I am, sitting in a friend's guest bedroom, not thinking of all the great games I'm going to be able to play over the next week, but instead the variety of ways I might screw this up.  The pre-E3 jitters have reached critical mass and I'm starting to feel the symptoms.

I drove over 15 hours from Oregon to California today, and despite one of my best friend's gift of a locally brewed wheat beer I am all sorts of discombobulated. I'm in need of a shower, and a good 8 hours of sleep, but I'll get neither tonight. Don't worry E3 patrons, I'll get my shower on in the morning, but for now it compounds my state of distress.

In the morning I have to visit the LA Convention center to acquire my press badge holder, organize and attend a meeting with my fellow Ranters, ensure you readers get coverage of the next Microsoft event (unlike the woefully ignored Natal event), and then figure out exactly where EA's press event is and get my ass there by 1pm. It's a list I have no control over tonight; my exhaustion is limiting me to the completion of this Rant.

Tomorrow though, oh tomorrow is going to be a different day. I'm going to wake up, shower, eat, and go take care of business. It's going to be insane, but it's more importantly going to be absolute fun. My jitters, I know, won't necessarily fade in affect, but they will lose priority to the moment. E3 is going to be amazing and nothing will change that.

Reflections of my story can be seen across the industry, and at home. Right now, every blog and news real is completely discombobulated, spouting off rumors and nonsensical industry hype in order to capture your oh-so-dear E3 attention. And you, much like myself when I read some of these stories, likely feel disappointed and maybe even cheated. You're here for the games, not all of the extra stuff.

Just wait, maybe tomorrow or Tuesday when E3 comes into full swing, but soon everything will fall into place. Every gaming fan gets a case of pre-E3 jitters, even the most popular of journalists, and it shows! Soon enough we'll be neck deep in what makes E3 great, the games, and everything else will just melt into the background.

E3 is here, Ranters. E3 is here. Let's get this show started.

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