Midnight Rant: PAX Day Two, Duke and Downtime

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The second day of PAX is really weighing me down. I'm tired, I'm sore, and we still have one more full day before PAX Prime 2010 disappears, just like Summer has in Seattle. The lack of quality panels like there were yesterday, on top of running to and from some appointments, and the day finished with me missing an appointment with Guild Wars 2. Day ruined.

The day was not without its high points though. I attended a Destructoid Live panel, a gaming blog that's inspiring for all growing blogs. I took a look at Epic Mickey and Torchlight 2, along with indie game Spy Party. Of course, the most striking portion of my day was of course the Duke Nukem Forever demo. Oh boy, look forward to my impressions of that Ranters, I've got a lot to say.

In between my gaming appointments I took some time to enjoy the other areas of PAX. I went into the PC area, a reserved space where any attendee can rent a gaming caliber PC for 45 minutes and play a round of Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, League of Legends or any of a variety of other games.

My game is League of Legends of course, which just happened to be running a tournament at the time. For some reason, these tournaments are shown on a larger screen, or set up for an audience to enjoy. While I won my game, it was very disappointing that I wasn't able to enjoy the tournament as well.

I also played a rented board game with some friends. PAX provides an astounding number of board games for any attendee to rent throughout the day. You have to provide your ID for duration of the rental, but it's a great setup when you have an hour to spare with your buddies.

PAX continues to show just how important the community is, almost at the expense of the exhibition hall. Still, the lines are long and the internet is aflame with Duke talk and Portal 2 demo impressions. It's such an amazing difference attending as opposed to covering the news as it breaks.

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