Midnight Rant: Pax Day One, Panels and Portal 2

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Hey Ranters, I just finished with day one of PAX and I am exhausted! Forgive me if my prose is a tad aloof, or you know, whatever. Anyways, I just wanted to check in and tell you a tad about my day and what was exciting for me.

Let me just say, that whoever thought up putting panels into these gaming conventions is a genius.

I spent the first four hours of my day running from various appointments (I'll try and tell you about Portal 2's coop demo, Vindictus, Monaco, and a few other games when I get the opportunity), checking in with various PR folk, and then grabbing a bit of swag and some coffee when I had the opportunity. It was E3 all over again, and while that's good for gaming news, it's not fulfilling firsthand. It's like trying to enjoy the scenery during a 100 meter dash.

The panels though, they are so much more intimate. I partook in the PAX keynote, the LoadingReadyRun panel, a couple panels on gaming journalism and how to compete against the "big guys", the initial PAX 10 indie panel and the live Giant Bomb podcast. They were all great fun, plus I got to sit down during them! Seriously, developers, heck with the exclusive behind closed doors demos, create a panel and make it something worthwhile!

One day and six panels later, PAX has won my heart with its panels. The conference is only one day in though, and I've probably jinxed the whole thing just saying that. Still don't know many folk, sadly, so my after-hours plans have fizzled and sputtered. I brought beer money, so I'll have to spend it somewhere!

Oh, and Ranters? Portal 2 cooperative play looks incredible.

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