[Midnight Rant is a new Game Rant feature brewed in the the darkest moments of the evening, and served appropriately during the midnight hour (where horrible rants belong).]

Today’s rant focuses on the various Natal rumors that arose today, stating the curious camera contraption will ring up $150 at the register. As most of you likely did, I shrugged and moved on, but just recently I came upon an upsetting article at Technologizer.com. The article had the gall to infer that an $150 Natal, “wouldn’t be so terrible.”  How dare they!

The article creates a comparison with the Wiimote, which when combined with a nun-chuck and MotionPlus add-on can run upwards of $70.  Adding three of those to your existing Wii setup is extravagantly costly in comparison to an $150 Natal camera contraption which has built in multiplayer support.  It’s almost persuasive in a, “Well if I compare this to something completely ridiculous of course it makes sense,” kind of way.

See, the Xbox 360 already has a controller, it’s named… wait does it even have a name? Anyways, when you buy a Nintendo controller you’ve acquired Nintendo’s promise that this is a controller you can use for every single game that they release. Microsoft can make no such promise! In fact, they haven’t even officially announced a single game for the Natal yet. Perhaps the device has no games in the first place! Should you purchase the Natal, you can count on the 360’s other nameless controller to still receive the majority of games. How is that a good investment?

A better comparison might be Microsoft’s previous attempt at a 360 add-on, the HD-DVD drive. I seem to recall a similar promise: “If you buy this, we promise there will be everything you could need available straight away.” They were liars though, unfortunately, and the HD-DVD died a horrible death since Microsoft didn’t dedicate itself to it. It’s a gamers tragedy that’s practically Shakespearean.

$150 dollars is asking too much! That’s asking you to forgo purchasing Pure Futbol, Naval Assault: The Killing Tide, and Field and Stream: Total Outdoorsman Challenge combined, just to cover the price of a camera. How could any gamer leave such a gaping hole in their library?

So think again Technologizer.com, $150 for Natal is too much. Well, either that or it’s going to be completely awesome, with a sweet catalog of amazing games, built upon an original and exciting motion controlled premise. Really though, who’s interested in something like motion control?