Later this May, gamers will be able to grab a copy of Mario Tennis Open exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. Those who have been eyeing up the handheld, but haven’t loved any of the color variants, may reluctantly be passing on the variety of truly spectacular games available on the platform until a system of greater visual stimulus pops up. The wait for such an eye-poppingly, uniquely colored handheld may finally be coming to an end, as today Nintendo has announced that their 3DS will be available in ‘Midnight Purple’ within a month’s time.

Set to become the fifth color available for the Nintendo 3DS in North America, the Midnight Purple portable device joins oddly-named colors Cosmo Black, Aqua Blue, Flame Red and Pearl Pink. The additional color choice is evidence that Nintendo hopes to appeal to those who have yet to purchase a 3DS due to unsatisfactory paint schemes. Personally, the Cobalt Blue 3DS seemed like a more appealing candidate to ship to North America, but there’s no denying the attraction of purple.

The new 3DS will cost gamers $169.99 in America — the same price as any other color currently available. This new shade is a great way for the Big N to spice up the variety currently available, and it should cater to anyone who’s a fan of either Barney the Dinosaur or thinks purple is the coolest thing since a collapsible stylus.

The Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS will launch alongside the previously mention Mario Tennis Open on May 20th. Hopefully that gives those who’ve already fallen in love with this article’s header image the chance to start saving up some of their hard-earned dollars to pick up their very own mobile magenta 3d gaming device.

If you’ve been waiting to pick up a 3DS, will this new color convince you that the time has come to pick up a periwinkle portable? And what does the color purple have to do with midnight anyway?

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