Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has officially announced that the prolific American voice actor Troy Baker is set to reprise his role as the main character Talion in the upcoming open-world action-adventure game Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Those interested in hearing Baker’s sonorous pipes pour through Talion once more can get a taste of his performance from the title’s announcement trailer.

Interestingly enough, Troy Baker will not only be lending his vocal abilities to the production process of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, but also he has taken on extended duties as the game’s Performance Capture Director. In doing so, Baker’s lengthy experience as an actor in the industry will be used along with other characters, so as to make sure that each performance presents a thorough sense of continuity in order to preserve the integrity of the title’s original narrative.

Those interested in learning more about the creative process Troy Baker undertook while working to create Talion in Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be able to find out more during E3 2017’s festivities. Should one want to absorb as much as they can about the title, they can watch a WB Games livestream on Wednesday, June 14 at 1:10 PM PDT via the company’s official site to further grasp Baker’s involvement with Shadow of War‘s creation.

For those unaware, Troy Baker is a man of many voices, for alongside Talion, the actor has taken on the roles of an innumerable amount of iconic and even obscure characters that show up in some of the most notable games in existence. For instance, he’s played BioShock Infinite’s protagonist Booker DeWitt, The Last of Us‘ main character Joel, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes‘ Groot, Batman: Arkham Origins‘ antagonist the Joker, and those are just naming a few.

All things considered, most fans of the Middle-earth franchise likely won’t be surprised to learn that Baker is making his return as Talion in Shadow of War, but they will certainly be pleased. Many would argue that switching up performers mid-series could alienate ardent followers, and ultimately cause the role to lose its mettle and feel somewhat inauthentic even if a solid performer were hired to fill in. After all, there’s no need to invoke the ire of the fan base unless absolutely necessary, much like Hideo Kojima did by giving the role of Metal Gear Solid 5‘s protagonist to Kiefer Sutherland over series regular David Hayter.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is slated to release on October 10, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.