An all new trailer from Middle-earth: Shadow of War was released today by Warner Bros. Interactive showing off how the updated Nemesis System creates more compelling orcs. That’s not just orc enemies, however, which Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor players are familiar with; Middle-earth: Shadow of War‘s new orc followers add an extra layer of fun to the Nemesis System.

The “Orc Tales” trailer features four short looks into the lives of four orcs, each told from their own point of view. Talion introduces himself to each orc one by one, leaving each of them marked in one way or another. The trailer focuses on the details of how Talion interacts with each orc, whether it be a drive-by hand to the face to bring them under the Bright Lord’s control or a drive by dismemberment leaving them that much angrier.

As the trailer zooms out at the end showing the dozens of orc, allies, and enemies, each with their own stories tied to Talion’s actions, the message is clear: this is the Nemesis System’s evolution in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Whether that final fortress battle is similar to what players will experience in-game or not isn’t clear, but the message is. Warner Bros. wants players to think that every action they take in-game may have a consequence, for better or worse.

For the most part, Warner Bros. Interactive hasn’t clarified exactly what specific changes have been made to the Nemesis System in Middle-earth: Shadow of War just yet. Clearly there’s a robust new orc followers system now and that’s a major addition on its own.

And it’s implied that many more orcs will become entwined in the Nemesis System compared to the first game, which only focused on a handful of at times random orcs returning from battle to battle. The mystery surrounding the Nemesis system is as frustrating as it is exciting.

The specific ways orcs will change is what’s most compelling about the Nemesis though. Having an arm cut off or being burned by a drake’s fire is clear in its effect, but will those orcs then gain new abilities? Will they change in specific reaction to what happened to them prior? Will only specific events cause orcs to return or is there ways to ensure an orc will be back, or will never return? Time’s running out before Middle-earth: Shadow of War launches, so hopefully more specific details are coming soon.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War releases October 10 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.