Not too long ago, the developers for Middle-earth: Shadow of War released a trailer detailing the Terror Tribe – that is, just one of several different orc tribes that can be found within the forthcoming open world action adventure title. Now, though, Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive decided to put the spotlight on the game’s monsters, by putting out a brand new piece of footage featuring the creatures of the realm during Microsoft’s gamescom 2017 presentation.

As seen below in Middle-earth: Shadow of War‘s “Monsters of Mordor” trailer, fans are shown the more savage side of the game world, as there are dragons, trolls, giant spiders, and even a Balrog that players will have to face. Thankfully, most of these creatures can be controlled by the co-protagonists of Talion and Celebrimbor, as the footage also details the various ways in which they will be able to ride the monsters as mounts.

While Middle-earth: Shadow of War will already pit players against hordes of orcs and Sauron’s minions, fans will likely be even more excited to learn about the variety of different creatures that will also make up the title’s pool of enemies. After all, even though fighting the Dark Lord’s army can be satisfying, variety is often the spice of life, and the natural world within the game should bring forth some challenging foes.

There’s no doubt that the latest trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War will excite fans of the franchise – especially after watching the Balrog in action – as the base game looks like it will offer plenty of opportunities to engage in some thrilling campaigns of combat. And with the teams at Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive having already put an end game mode in place, it seems as if the companies are prepared to keep players steeped in Middle-earth for quite some time.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is set to launch on October 10, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.