As Middle-earth: Shadow of War‘s October release date draws closer, Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive continue to eke out information regarding the forthcoming action-adventure title as a means to entice players to dive into the sequel’s fantasy realm when it launches. Now, the developer and publisher have decided to give fans a quick look at some of the enemies that they will face in the game’s Marauder Tribe.

As seen below in the latest trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the Marauder Tribe seems to be an orc gang that is obsessed with obtaining the finer things in life, as one will notice practically every member of the group decked out in golden armor and wielding shiny, ornate weapons. Not to mention, interspersed between the close-up shots of the tribe members, the trailer does quick cuts to rooms lousy with treasures and expensive spoils.

For those who are out of the loop, the Marauder Tribe trailer is simply the most recent entry in a series of videos detailing Middle-earth: Shadow of War‘s various groups of orcs that the co-protagonists Talion and Celebrimbor will combat on their quest to defeat Sauron. Prior to this, Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive have introduced players to the industrialized Machine Tribe, as well as the fearsome Terror tribe.

While orcs are quite a populous enemy in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, they won’t be the only foes players fight in the game. As a matter of fact, one could label them as some of the more commonplace bad guys in Shadow of War, as there are also a plethora of different monsters that will also need to be defeated or subdued. Thankfully, though, Talion will be able to control the minds of some of these various creatures with the help of Celebrimbor, which will turn the adversaries into allies.

Taking all of this into consideration, Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive seems to have stocked Middle-earth: Shadow of War with a near-endless supply of enemies for players to battle, as the open world is supposedly much more spacious than the original entry, allowing additional room for extra baddies. Plus, with the developer and publisher having already plotted out end game activities following the main campaign, as well as an asynchronous online multiplayer mode called Conquest, fans will likely remain in the Middle-earth for quite some time.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is slated to release on October 10, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Shadow of War – YouTube