Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mission Shown During Xbox E3

As expected, Middle-earth: Shadow of War was a big focus for Microsoft at its E3 2017 press conference this year. The multi-platform title was given a lengthy stage demo towards the end of the press conference running off of the Xbox One X, giving players a much better look at some of the gameplay – including the completely revamped and enhanced nemesis system.

The lengthy on stage demo showcased the newly updated nemesis system, quickly cutting between different unique orc encounters, with each one revealing how they got into the position they're currently in. Next, the gameplay shifted to an orc duel, with the winner being targeted by Talion as a worthy addition to his growing army. Using stylish moves, the player quickly cut down a handful of orcs, even using new ice and fire based attacks. An optional challenge to slide under the legs of the target was also seen, though it's unknown what sort of rewards would be granted if the player were to complete the challenge.

Surprisingly, the gameplay demo also featured a bit of humor by the way of Bruz the Chopper, something which was lacking in this game's predecessor. After Talion is able to dominate this massive and chatty orc, he gives the player new intel on the landscape of Mordor and then appearing later in the gameplay demo to act as a sort of guide/translator during a fortress assault. While it's highly unlikely that Bruz, or Bruce as he likes to be called, will appear in most games considering the completely randomized nature of enemies, it's clear that the studio is making an effort to add a bit of charm and wit to provide a bit of levity to the game.

Initially, Middle-earth: Shadow of War was set to be one of the first games leading the charge into the typically busy fall and holiday season of 2017. Unfortunately, fans will need to wait just a bit longer as Monolith made the difficult decision to delay its game from August to October 10. The extra time will be used to add even more polish and an added level of quality to the title.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War launches on October 10 for the Xbox One, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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