With less than a month left to go before Middle-earth: Shadow of War officially goes live, Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive have decided to continue to introduce fans to practically all of the orc groups that they will be up against in the forthcoming action-adventure game. Now, the developer and publisher have released yet another trailer for the title, but this time it presents players with their first look at the ferocious fighters in the Feral Tribe.

As seen in the Middle-earth: Shadow of War trailer below, the Feral Tribe is easily the most aggressive gang of orcs to be introduced yet, for as the clan’s name implies, they are not going to be easily tamed. The footage shows that these particular orcs are fond of hunting animals, with many of the tribe’s members wearing animal skins and helmets made from creatures’ skulls. Not to mention, according to the official description of the video, they also revere wild beasts as well, as the group’s fortress is lousy with sundry fanged, clawed, and fire-breathing monsters ready to tear players to pieces.

Previously, Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive showcased a handful of different orc gangs in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, including the Marauder Tribe, the Machine Tribe, and the Terror Tribe. Taking into account the inclusion of the Feral Tribe, it’s safe to say that the co-protagonists Talion and Celebrimbor will have a variety of enemy types to tackle, which will also provide them with a wide selection of orc allies from which to choose for the game’s Nemesis System.

Bearing all of this in mind, it’s quite likely that Middle-earth: Shadow of War has plenty more orc tribes yet to be unveiled, but Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive might keep several under wraps in order for players to experience them for the first time in-game. Should this be the case, then fans of the franchise ought to have plenty of baddies in Sauron’s army to defeat before reaching the title’s end game content.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is set to release on October 10, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Shadow of War – YouTube