'Shadow of Mordor's Season Pass Trailer Teases Sauron

Fans of Tolkien can rejoice today at the release of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, an epic open world adventure that is already pulling in great reviews. Earlier this week, Warner Bros. Interactive released more information about how players can continue their adventure beyond the main game with the Shadow of Mordor DLC Season Pass. Perhaps the most exciting piece of new content that's included will allow gamers to take on the Dark Lord Sauron and his army.

"The Bright Lord", one of three new missions available in the Season Pass, will let gamers play as Celebrimbor, the great Elven King of the Second Age. Celebrimbor will take the battle directly to Sauron and his forces. That might not sound like a fair fight, but players will be able to wield one of the rings of power to help even the odds. Let's just hope Sauron doesn't whip out the One Ring to Rule Them All.

While the Sauron fight sounds cool, Warner Bros. Interactive is going to need much more than that to justify the $25 price tag of the Season Pass. Here's what else the publisher says is coming, direct from the press release.

  • The Guardians of the Flaming Eye Orc Warband Mission will allow players to face Sauron's elite Defenders before the Black Gate and earn the Rising Flame Rune.
  • The Lord of the Hunt Story Mission will let players gain new skills and earn unique epic runes as they hunt and tame legendary monsters of Mordor.
  • Season Pass holders will also receive early access to the Test of Speed and Test of Wisdom Challenge Modes. Players will be graded on their speed, skill and efficiency in battle and can compare their scores to their friends.
  • Access to future content, including new runes and skins.

Shadow of Mordor Talion

For gamers still trying to decide if they'd like to walk into Mordor, developer Monolith Productions has also released two additional trailers over the last month that offer a taste of what's in store.

The "Meet Ratbag" trailer shows a preview of the game's much discussed Nemesis System, which will allow players to control and give orders to various NPCS that they meet throughout the game. Ratbag, a low level, cowardly orc, can eventually be leveled up into a "Warchief" if given enough attention.

If the interactions with other NPCs in the game are just as entertaining and humorous as some of the dialogue seen here, it looks like the early rave reviews for the Nemesis System are on the mark.

Monolith has also put out a behind the scenes trailer that contains interviews with two of the prominent actors featured in the game.

Nolan North, who plays the Black Hand of Sauron and Troy Baker, who plays main protagonist Talion, are certainly no rookies to the world of video game acting. Baker is well known for his performance in The Last of Us as Joel and North is of course the actor for Drake from Sony's Uncharted. While not mentioned in the trailer, Jennifer Hale of Mass Effect fame is also present in Mordor as the voice of Galadriel.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will release on November 18 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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