Xbox Boss Explains Why Microsoft Announced Scorpio Now

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Microsoft Boss Phil Spencer explains why the company announced Project Scorpio at this year's E3, rather than wait until the console was ready to launch.

For those who missed it, Microsoft announced two new Xbox consoles at E3 this week. First off was the reveal of the Xbox One S, a smaller, "robot white" console which is set to launch in August. Next up was the highly-anticipated unveiling of Project Scorpio, Microsoft's ultra-powerful 4K gaming machine which is currently scheduled to launch by "Holiday 2017."

After some confusion as to why the company has unveiled the Scorpio this year, rather than wait for next year's E3, Microsoft boss Phil Spencer has stepped up to provide an explanation. Speaking on Giant Bomb's livestream yesterday, Spencer stated that he wanted to be as transparent as possible to gamers and developers alike.

"The reason we announced when we did - one is I wanted to give customers a view into what we were doing...I want to talk about Scorpio so customers can feel like they have a view into what we were doing so they could make the decision that is right for them."

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Spencer also stated that, while he can't give consumers all the information that he'd like to, he wants gamers to be able to buy with as many details available as possible. Scorpio as a console will be the most powerful gaming device that Microsoft has developed, with over four times the power of the Xbox One. Microsoft has been very clear about the console, too - it is meant as an upgrade to the current system to allow for the maximum gaming enjoyment, rather than launching to replace the current Xbox.

That said, the boss himself has gone on record as saying that people without a 4K TV will not feel the benefit of the Scorpio's additional power and should therefore opt for the other Xbox One consoles, unless they plan to upgrade their television in the near future. The console is designed for 4K, in order to truly enhance the Xbox experience and players without a TV that supports the feature will not be getting the full impact of the console's immense power.

Luckily for developers, it will not be necessary to make their upcoming titles in 4K resolution to have them play better on the Scorpio console. The 6 teraflop gaming machine will run any game developed for the Xbox One, and if developers want to use those teraflops of power in other non-graphics related ways, they are reportedly free to do so. That's not to say that the titles won't look better on the Scorpio anyway, as the console will apparently improve the visuals of certain already-released Xbox games.

Project Scorpio is due to release by the holiday season in 2017.

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