Microsoft Talks Xbox Scorpio Price & PS4 Pro Comparisons

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Xbox exec Albert Penello discusses Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro, insinuating that Microsoft's upgraded console could launch at a similar price as Sony's new system.

In the months leading up to E3 2016, Microsoft outright stated that Xbox Scorpio wouldn't be at the show in any capacity. On the contrary, Phil Spencer closed the company's presentation with a rundown of the device, including its impressive specs and capabilities, detailing a product that is significantly more powerful than its predecessor and competitors. One would expect such a premium console to come with a premium price tag, but according to Xbox exec Albert Penello, it may have a price similar to PS4 Pro.

Penello made these comments in an interview with Eurogamer, stating that it will be an "interesting discussion" when the price for Xbox Scorpio is announced. PS4 Pro is launching at $399.99 in November, and Project Scorpio is not launching until the 2017 holiday season. Therefore, it is not completely out of the question that the Microsoft console will launch at around the same price as PS4 Pro, but even so, one has to imagine that it will be at least a little more expensive.

That's because if Project Scorpio lives up to the hype, it will be the most powerful console ever made at that point in time. It will also have the capability to run games at native 4K resolution, which is something that PS4 Pro doesn't seem capable of pulling off. Furthermore, it boasts more RAM, a bigger processor, and other advantages over Sony's upgraded console. It's hard to imagine something with these capabilities launching at $399.99.


However, Microsoft may be willing to price the device cheaper if it means having a competitive advantage over Sony. Three years into the console sales race between PS4 and Xbox One, and Microsoft is finally starting to pick up victories, with Xbox One outselling PS4 two months in a row. If Microsoft is able to deliver a significantly more powerful console at a relatively low price, then it very well could continue building its comeback against Sony's PS4, which has more or less dominated sales since launch.

Of course, anything can change between now and Project Scorpio's launch. If Microsoft feels it can't sell the device at a loss, it may release it at $500 or even more, since it is being billed as a "premium product." Having said that, if Sony cuts the price of PS4 Pro to coincide with the launch of Xbox Scorpio, then we could see Microsoft forced to release the device at a lower price to stay competitive.

We probably won't hear much more about Xbox Scorpio again until E3 2017, so those interested in picking one up will have to wait for more details. When next year's E3 rolls around, expect to learn an exact release date for the new console, as well as how much it will cost compared to its competition.

Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio will be available holiday 2017.

Source: Eurogamer

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