Microsoft announces the Xbox Onesie, a limited edition onesie with pockets that can fit an Xbox One controller and sport a custom gamertag. Yes, really!

In probably the least expected fashion announcement of the day, Xbox Australia has confirmed today that the company is making an unexpected leap into the the garment design industry. Instead of figuratively dipping its toes into the fashion world with the likes of a mainstream t-shirt, Microsoft’s Xbox department from the land down under has turned heads with the brilliantly titled Xbox Onesie.

For those still pondering if this is a joke or a real announcement, there’s no joke here.

The lovable onesie was announced today to coincide with the release of the new Xbox One S in Australia, and the limited edition apparel will come in both white and black editions. The gaming-friendly onesies will feature pockets large enough to contain an Xbox One Controller or someone’s media remotes, while simultaneously sporting an arm pouch that users can slide their mobile phones into. An oversized hood helps accommodate for even the largest of gaming headsets, and forearm grips help prevent slipping during those intensive gaming marathons.

Xbox Australia saved the icing on the cake for last: gamers will also be able to customize their embroidery with their own gamertag, so that fans can truly make their Xbox Onesie their own. It’s a similar practice to when Microsoft printed custom gamertag t-shirts at events during the original Xbox One launch, but as with most things in life, it’s much better with a onesie.

Microsoft Xbox One Onesie

While the videogame industry has held ties to the fashion industry before (Final Fantasy 13‘s Lightning was even a Louis Vuitton model at one point), this is the first time we’ve seen Microsoft plunge headfirst into an accessory which seems to be based  from the ground up out from a pun-based name. It’s probably the perfect companion for those who bought a Mass Effect onesie, but later regretted not having a pocket large enough to fit an entire Xbox One controller.

Based on initial fan reaction, it seems like plenty of gamers are interested in purchasing the Xbox Onesie, though Microsoft hasn’t actually announced when such an item will be released – or how much the fluffy headset-friendly garments will cost. It’s entirely possible that the limited edition launch will only be available in local Australia, meaning onesie-hungry fans would have to take an expensive flight to pick up the garment. For some, cost won’t be a factor: when you want the comfort of what is basically a mobile blanket, you’ve just got to get it.

We’ll keep you posted as more news about the Xbox Onesie gets released.

Are you interested in purchasing the Xbox Onesie, Ranters? Would you like to see a PlaySnuggie instead?

Source: CNet