Xbox One owners know that the system receives a brand new update almost every month that adds a variety of features and improvements based on fan feedback. Since launch, these features and improvements have included things like adding game hubs and implementing external storage support for the console.

All of these elements have been previously added in updates for Xbox One, but Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has started hinting towards what future updates for the system may bring to the table. According to Spencer, one of the most common complaints lobbied against the Xbox One may be addressed in one such upcoming update.

The complaint in question is in regards to the speed of the Xbox One’s user interface, which many find to be far too slow. On Twitter, Spencer hinted that through the use of DirectX 12, it will be possible to finally speed up the UI for the Xbox One.

Even if the UI isn’t sped up in any near-future updates, it is reassuring to know that Microsoft is at least aware that fans want a faster UI. Phil Spencer has done a tremendous job at answering fan questions through social media, and has also shown that he is very much in touch with what hardcore gamers want. He has been instrumental in bringing back classic Rare IPs into the spotlight such as Battletoads, Conker, and more, for example.

If Spencer and the crew at Microsoft are indeed able to develop a faster UI for Xbox One, the first people that will know are those in the Xbox One preview program. This is a voluntary program that allows Xbox One owners to test future updates for the system before they are released to the general public.

Xbox One UI - Phil Spencer tweet

Speaking of the preview program, Spencer has also said over Twitter that the program will “get interesting” within the next few months. It’s not clear what he means by this, but there are still many ways to improve upon the Xbox One, and seeing any number of these changes added could go a long way in making the console even better.

In particular, the party chat system for the Xbox One is not satisfactory, especially compared to the Xbox 360. On the Xbox 360, using party chat was a breeze and stress-free, whereas it has become a much bigger hassle on the Xbox One. Considering one of the hallmarks of the Xbox brand is multiplayer gameplay and the social element, this is one area that should receive special attention, perhaps even ahead of speeding up the UI.

In the meantime, Microsoft has been fairly consistent with the monthly updates. However, they certainly haven’t been perfect. The recently launched April update delivered on its promise of party chat servers, but the promised voice message functionality was missing in action.

Fallacies of the Xbox One update system aside, if Microsoft does decide to give the Xbox One UI a speed boost through an update, exactly when this would happen is a major unknown. Potentially, it could be one of the headlining additions in the May system update, but Spencer’s language about it on Twitter seems to suggest that if a faster Xbox One UI is in the cards, it won’t see the light of day for a long while.

Source: Twitter