Microsoft Says Xbox Mini is ‘Not Real’

By | 1 year ago 

No matter what the subject, the Internet is rife with unverified rumors about it, and the notion is particularly true when it comes to the video game world. Taking that into consideration, maybe if just prior to venturing beyond the home page of any Web browser, a giant disclaimer should pop up saying, “Warning: Don’t believe everything you read.”

With the above idea being too ridiculous to implement, gossip about gaming matters will continue unabated, such as the rumor that the mysterious Nintendo NX is releasing in July 2016, or that after Konami cancelled Silent Hills that Microsoft would scoop it up. As far as the teeming masses’ perception is concerned, a rumor like the one with Microsoft is only signified as false when an official source deems it so, and since the former bit of hearsay has yet to be addressed by the Big N, then it’s still as close to the truth as can be. However, the latter now receives no more discussion since it was squashed when Xbox boss Phil Spencer made it clear that Microsoft would not be buying Silent Hills‘ rights, making the claim erroneous.

Since so many intellectual properties are under his company’s umbrella, it’s obvious that Spencer has to deal with spurious statements about what Microsoft will or won’t do with their products on an almost daily basis. As a matter of fact, earlier this month, a report from a Chinese blog known as WDang started the rumor that the tech firm was producing a more compact type of Xbox One about one-third smaller than its current form sans Blu-ray player for release in October. Today, the Xbox head confirms via Twitter that the claim is simply “Not real.”

While Spencer’s remark about the issue establishes that Microsoft isn’t currently working on a miniature model of the Xbox, it doesn’t completely discredit the possibility of one in the future. As many fans are aware, the company often redesigns their systems.

The Xbox 360 ended up with an Elite model, an Arcade model, and eventually a model slimmer than those two. The Elite catered to gamers wanting more memory, the Arcade was marketed for its cheaper price as it had no hard drive, and the Xbox 360 Slim was basically just a tiny console with an internal Wi-Fi adapter. Nevertheless, with the previous statements technically keeping the rumor mill churning, don’t expect to see an “Xbox One Mini” any time soon.

In other news related to Xbox hardware, Phil Spencer recently revealed that the Xbox team is looking into how they can create a way to support original Xbox games in the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility once its functionality launches. Using that as one of a few examples, Microsoft executive Kudo Tsunoda talked about the console’s potential, saying, “We’re doing things that can’t be done on any other console.” Nevertheless, many PlayStation 4 fans would beg to differ.

Source: Twitter (via GameSpot)