Microsoft Unveils New Xbox Live Rewards Program

By | 2 years ago 

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Rewards program has been around for a while now and gone through a number of changes since its inception. Today, after initially teasing the reveal on Twitter, the company detailed yet another set of changes that aims to give Xbox Live users more ways to earn rewards and keep track of their actions.

The most noticeable addition to the program comes in the form of VIP Stars, which are earned by spending money in the Xbox Store. The more VIP Stars are user has, the more rewards they receive. According to Game Informer, those spending at least $150 earn one star and an automatic 1% rebate. Earning more stars increases the rebate percentage, up to 5%, but Xbox Live Gold members can double that to 10%. This applies to anything bought through the Xbox Store, including games, TV shows and movies.

Rewards can also be acquired by taking part in other, smaller activities like taking surveys and completing Punchcards. After accumulating about 5,000 credits, they’ll be converted into real money and deposited into your Microsoft account. It’s a constant loop of doing things on Xbox Live, getting credits for it, then getting additional rewards for spending those credits. And if you want to bring a friend into the cycle, you’ll get a bonus 1,000 credits if they sign up and become a fellow Xbox Live Gold member.

Xbox Live Rewards - Earn Credits to Spend on Xbox Live

The new Xbox Live Rewards also implements a new MyMissions feature that makes it easier than ever to keep track of what you’re doing on Xbox Live and how close you are to earning specific rewards; be it on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One. With the addition of MyStats as well, you can see how you compare to friends and the rest of the Xbox community when it comes to rewards received. Perhaps the idea that someone having more rewards than you will prompt you to spend more money, thereby getting you more goodies and keeping that aforementioned loop going.

There’s more info about the retooled program on the official site, which also teases some of the rewards previous members have earned. Gold members definitely get more benefits out of it in the long run, but signing up for Gold is almost a necessity these days, even more so with the Xbox One.

The new Xbox Live Rewards and its new features are available now, so why not go check it out and see what rewards you can get out of it.

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