Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb replies to gamers demanding compensation for Xbox Live’s downtime on Reddit, and explains that he’s discussing it with the Xbox team.

Game servers and gaming services crash from time to time, and it’s a fairly expected part of being a gamer. However, Xbox Live subscribers aren’t taking the matter lying down, and have even gotten attention from Major Nelson himself.

Taking to Reddit, many Xbox One users discussed how frequently Xbox Live has been down recently. The users complained that since they have to pay for each month of service, it’s not fair for the service to then be down for a portion of that time without any kind of compensation. While there was no real agreement on what kind of compensation would be most appropriate, some felt that simply extending the length of the subscription by however long the service was down would be adequate.

Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb popped in to note that he was aware of the discussion, and that he was bringing it to the attention of the Xbox teams. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make any promises regarding compensation, but he did say that he would have a one-on-one conversation with team members when he was next in the office.

It’s understandable for gamers to be frustrated about the Xbox Live outages, and it’s not limited to a few Redditors. Xbox Head Phil Spencer has made it clear that Xbox Live outages hurt players’ trust, and many would agree. Even musician Snoop Dogg once threatened to switch to the PlayStation Network after outages and system difficulties plagued the Xbox Live system.

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Unfortunately, matters are only made worse when gaming networks like Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam are targeted by hackers. The three game services have crashed during the Christmas season as part of a yearly hacker ritual of ruining giftee’s celebrations. DDoS attacks throughout the year are also prevalent, and since many games lose functionality if the network is down, it results in a lot of unhappy gamers.

It does seem like a reasonable request for paying customers to ask for there to be some kind of compensation for outages. It remains to be seen if Microsoft will actually agree to this request, but at least gamers know that they’re being heard. Between DDoS attacks, maintenance, and system crashes, it doesn’t seem like Xbox Live will be able to stay online continuously without fail anytime soon. Finding a way to keep gamers happy should be a priority for Microsoft, and with any luck, we’ll see them take appropriate action in the near future.

Source: Reddit