Xbox 720 April Event

While it has long been believed that 2013 will be the year of the next-gen console, there are still a few surprises awaiting gamers anxious for the next evolution of Microsoft and Sony‘s proprietary gaming systems. Despite rumors surrounding the Xbox 720 for the past few years, no official word has been released — but all that is likely to change very soon.

Since its debut in 1995, which featured the announcements of the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Virtual Boy and Sega Saturn, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has been the epicenter of all things gaming. Console manufacturers and developers have used E3 to promote hardware and software alike, and this year will be no different. In fact, gamers have much to look forward to this year, as a flood of information is bound to release about the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox systems.

In the short time that has followed Sony’s PS4 showcase on Wednesday, many questions have arisen — not the least of which is what Microsoft has planned for its upcoming console, and what the company is ready to show between now and E3 2013. Due to the preemptive nature of Sony’s showcase, Microsoft’s hand may be somewhat forced. According to an unnamed senior official at Sony (speaking with CVG), the event “caught Microsoft off-guard… We definitely ruffled some feathers.” While nothing is official quite yet, developers and industry professionals alike are betting on Microsoft to show off its new Xbox system as early as April.

Lending further credibility to this theory is the recent domain registration of by Microsoft partner Eventcore (formerly ustechs), who have been involved in previous media briefings on the company’s behalf. It certainly seems like Microsoft is getting ready to put many of its eggs into one basket — albeit not necessarily by choice — after several months of allegedly leaked documents and technological advancements.

Ranters, what do you think about seeing the third installment of the Xbox lineup as early as April, and what do you hope do see? Whatever happens over the next few months as we gear up for E3 2013, you can be sure Game Rant will be there to cover it.

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Source: CVG