Microsoft Bringing ‘Beloved Franchise’ to Windows 8

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Late last month word came out that Microsoft was working on a new OS update, codenamed Threshold, which would unify services across all Windows-based devices (tablets, Xbox One, PC, smart phones). Microsoft’s end goal with this initiative would be ubiquity for any Windows user, and a better overall user experience.

But, even though Microsoft is apparently looking towards the future of operating systems, they haven’t forgotten about Windows 8 either. In fact, Windows 8 users might have a beloved Microsoft franchise in their future.

According to a recent resume posting for Microsoft, the Xbox One and Windows manufacturer is looking for a senior engineer for their PC team. That senior engineer will reportedly be a part of a project that’s slated to bring a “beloved franchise” to the PC.

Microsoft Game Studios is looking for a senior engineer with services development experience to join our team and help us build a new title based on a beloved franchise for Windows 8. The small and highly agile Redmond-based team is focused on building a robust and highly scalable cloud service that is central to the game experience. You will contribute as the technical leader for the service development team, and as the primary technical liaison with both internal and external development partners. This role is a rare opportunity to ship world-class service software in a fun-focused game development environment.

Unfortunately, beyond that brief clue, the job posting doesn’t say much more than that. Similarly, it doesn’t reveal whether or not this “beloved franchise” will be a PC/Windows exclusive, or if it might also be in development for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

An obvious choice for the beloved franchise role would be Halo 5, which we know is in development for the Xbox platform. A fully blown Halo hasn’t been available for PC since Halo 2, but perhaps that is changing with this next iteration. Or maybe Microsoft is looking to release Halo 4 on PC first?

Gears of War 3 Like Band of Brothers

At the same time, last year’s Halo: Spartan Assault was, at one point, a Windows 8 exclusive. So that could rule out Halo chances has a new beloved franchise coming to PC.

In all honesty, there are close to a dozen Microsoft-owned franchises that they could choose from, and that’s not counting franchises they may have acquired in the mean time. Franchises like Fable and Gears of War also seem like decent possibilities, but there are very little guarantees.

There’s also no guarantee that this franchise will appear in a familiar form on Windows 8. It could be a game set within said franchise’s universe, but that is more casual in nature, like Fable Coin Golf for example.

Regardless, we’ll keep you posted when more information becomes available.

What beloved franchise do you hope Microsoft is developing for the PC? Would you like to see the company get back into PC development?

Source: Microsoft (via IGN)