Microsoft Trademarks ‘Throne Together’; New IP for Xbox One?

By | 3 years ago 

When Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox One they promised that many of the franchises gamers know and love would be making the jump to the next-gen. Additionally, they teased that some new IPs were also in development for the new console, a few of which might be unveiled within the Xbox One‘s first year.

To that point, we bring news that Microsoft has filed a trademark for a game called Throne Together earlier this month. There was no additional information; simply a title for the trademark and that it will be used towards game software.

Without much to go on it’s hard to know what Throne Together might be. Similarly, it’s entirely possible that the trademark won’t actually be used for anything. Trademark filings are as much a pre-emptive measure — meant to secure titles, URLs, and the like — as they are a signal of what’s to come.

However, assuming that Throne Together is a game and is in development at Microsoft, the only safe assumption is that it will be coming to the Xbox One. That isn’t to say the mysterious game won’t also become an Xbox 360 release, but it’s pretty clear Microsoft has put most of their focus on their new console and we don’t expect that to change.

If we were to speculate a bit deeper, we might say that the “punny” title sounds more like a casual game than a hardcore one. Perhaps a group of players will compete in a series of random (or “thrown together”) mini-games for the titular throne a la Fuzion Frenzy or Mario Party.

And if the game is casual in nature, maybe it will use the Xbox One’s new Kinect sensor for some, or all, gameplay. Aside from Fantasia: Music Evolved, there hasn’t been much talk regarding Kinect-only games on the Xbox One, but that will obviously change. Microsoft didn’t package the peripheral in with the Xbox One for nothing.

This, of course, is pure speculation on our part — the only thing we know for sure is that Microsoft has filed a trademark for a piece of game software called Throne Together. When they might unveil said game is a complete mystery.

What do you think Throne Together will end up being? Do you think it will be a casual or a hardcore game?

Source: IGN