Competition is an incredibly important driving force in gaming. If gaming companies weren’t constantly trying to one-up each other with each new game, peripheral or console created, then the gaming industry as a whole would stagnate fairly quickly.

Yet there must always come a time when competition between some publishers, developers and manufactures comes to an end. Sega‘s war with Nintendo had to end eventually, and it did end with Sega closing its doors as a console-maker after the Dreamcast. The current battle between Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft may seem like it could go on forever, but if Microsoft’s recent actions are anything to go by, the end for one company may be sooner than expected.

Just the other day, Microsoft‘s Xbox 360 firm registered two domain names that have certainly driven speculation through the roof. The two names are “” and “”, which explains exactly why the internet is abuzz with the possibilities. Both names being featured in the titles could mean a multitude of outcomes, and with the San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, we could learn the truth very soon.

The one obvious speculation is that the two companies are going to be joining forces. Whether it would be a joint working relationship, or one of the companies would buy out the other can only be guessed. Either scenario would shake the gaming industry to its very foundations, as these two gaming giants are the chief competitors in the current gaming war, with Nintendo off to the side doing their own thing.

But what would either scenario mean, exactly? Well, if the two companies would be working together as partners, it would put an end to the constant rumurs of the Xbox 720 or PS4. Instead of one or the other, it would be more likely to have an entirely new system created that would incorporate aspects from both companies. If however, one bought the other out, then obviously one of the two future systems would be dead before it was even created. It would also mean changes to recognizable franchises, or the end of some altogether. Still, it certainly makes one wonder of the possibilities. Halo on a Sony system? Little Big Planet on the next Xbox?

Still, it’s possible this could mean nothing truly significant, outside of just one joint project and nothing more. Microsoft is hosting an Xbox shindig at San Diego Comic-Con week but we guarantee you nothing about Sony will be announced or shown there. We will simply have to wait to find out more.

What do you think the domain names signify? Will we be seeing the end of one of gaming’s biggest corporations?

Source: Superannuation