After some major details about Microsoft’s next console — codenamed Durango — leaked onto the internet, the company was presumably worried about gamers discovering too much too early. However since the leak, not much has been revealed about the Xbox 720, and that’s apparently for good reason.

As the company significantly ramps up development on its next-gen console, Microsoft has reportedly beefed up security to the point that only specific employees are allowed unvetted access to four key Xbox and Interactive Entertainment Business buildings. Those vendors and employees without pre-approved access will have to be escorted through the facility, in order to ensure they don’t lay eyes on any confidential documents or tech.

All of this information comes to us by way of Geek Wire who hypothesizes that this ramp up in security could suggest Microsoft is targeting a late 2013 release for the Xbox 720. While Sony seems to be looking towards, at the earliest, 2014 as the time to release, both companies are rumored to be unveiling their consoles at next year’s E3.

Though Nintendo was unable to keep all details about the Wii U under wraps, their E3 2011 unveiling was met with a significant amount of surprise, and unfortunately a lot of negative fan reactions. Microsoft’s Xbox 720 is being met with similar claims of inadequacy (that is, if the dev kit that made the rounds is legitimate), but fans are nonetheless excited to see what the publisher is cooking up.

Leaks are part of the business, and we won’t be surprised when parts of this security initiative fall apart, but at least Microsoft is taking steps to ensure the real surprises take place in June of 2013. Whether or not fans will be happy with what they see is another issue, but at least we’ll get our first look at next-gen technology.

Do you think that Microsoft’s increased security will prevent Xbox 720 details from leaking out? Does a leak help a company feel out fan response before actually making an announcement?

Source: Geek Wire

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