This past week, when Microsoft registered a couple of domain names that suggested the associated site would be connected to Sony in some way, it got gamers thinking about what the two companies might be cooking up. Thoughts raced to everything from a joint console venture to simply the first steps of a long-term partnership.

As it turns out it might be something a little less exciting than that, and might not even have to do with video games.

Over on Twitter, Frank Shaw, the corporate communications lead for Microsoft, responded to the domain name registrations stating that Sony is a “great Microsoft partner” and that the domains were registered defensively — in an effort to keep others from purchasing them first.

Now, some might be quick to point out that there are some fields where a partnership between Sony and Microsoft is a must, namely in the area of PCs. As the key provider of software for PCs, which Sony tends to dabble in now and again, Microsoft would need to be friendly with all of its manufacturers, but that seems unlikely a reason for these URLs.

Or maybe Microsoft is, in fact, partnering up with Sony for a video game product that bridges one’s knowledge of hardware with other’s software. At this point in time no one really knows. Sure Shaw took to Twitter to clear things up, but only squashed any ideas that the domains are meant to bash their console competition, and didn’t say what these URLs will eventually be for.

But, as of right now, the nature of these two domain names ( and is a complete mystery. We do know that they are meant to reflect some sort of partnership between the two companies, and are not in any way subtle jabs at the other like the Modern Warfare 3 URL, but that’s about it. Since the URLs were only registered as a preemptive measure we may never know.

What do you hope the Sony and Microsoft URLs end up being for? Do you think we will ever see the day when the two companies partner up for a joint video game venture?

Source: Twitter

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