Millions Lost in Xbox Live Phishing Scam, Microsoft Responds

Microsoft Responds to Xbox Live Phishing Scam

Just today a report came out that revealed millions of dollars had been stolen from Xbox Live members by way of a phishing scam that had them disclose a wealth of confidential information. These scams, which usually promised the victim free Microsoft Points, dealt their damage a little bit at a time, only taking around $155 from each individual.

Since the article was published, Microsoft has come out to clear the air about the scams, and to reveal that Xbox Live has in no way been comprised. In reality, these scammers were working from outside Microsoft’s purview, which would have made it impossible for the company to stop them.

On top of that, Microsoft released a pre-meditated statement on the security of Xbox Live and all of the measures that are in place to prevent such an issue from taking place from within the system. Outside the system, however, it seems that dangers still abound.

This scam is reported to have reached some 35 different countries, and was clearly well planned if it took this long for gamers to begin reporting losses. The culprits used a classic phishing formula, but did so in a calculated manner to keep suspicion low.

According to Microsoft, they are working closely with those affected to try and ensure their Xbox Live accounts can no longer be accessed by third parties.

It is important to note that, although the initial enticement was Microsoft and Xbox Live related, this phishing scam in no way should be tied to Microsoft. Plenty of emails are sent that use popular purveyors of goods like Apple or Sony as a jumping off point, but the end goal is merely to obtain important bank or credit card information. Those who fell prey to the scam should have known that Microsoft doesn’t simply offer free MS Points, and would never ask for their private information.

Nonetheless, Microsoft is still going to come under fire now that this phishing scam has come to light, which makes reiterating their security procedures of the utmost priority.

Have you been a victim of any phishing scams that promised free Microsoft points? Do you think that Microsoft is to blame for the millions of dollars lost?

Source: The Sun, CVG

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