Rumor: Microsoft's Next Studio Acquisition Leaked


If rumors are to be believed, it seems that Microsoft is currently in the process of acquiring Relic Entertainment, developer of real-time strategy titles such as Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. Microsoft made headlines during E3 2018 when it announced that it had acquired five new studios to develop exclusive games for the Xbox One, but it appears the company isn't done.

The rumor about Microsoft acquiring Relic Studios came from a Twitter post by known leaker Klobrille. In the tweet, Klorbrille posted a photo that features the logo of Xbox Game Studios alongside that of Relic Entertainment. Of course, while Klorbrille did not provide sufficient evidence to support this rumor, the Twitter user previously leaked accurate information regarding Microsoft's lineup of announcements during E3 2016.

A couple of years ago, Klorbrille leaked that Microsoft would announce the development of Age of Empires 4 at E3 2016. True enough, during Microsoft's press conference at the event, the publisher revealed that Age of Empires 4 was in development at Relic Entertainment. Given that Microsoft owns the Age of Empires IP and works so closely with Relic, a partnership makes sense.

Recently, Microsoft also made headlines when it announced a few months ago that it would be acquiring Obsidian Entertainment, known for games such as Pillars of Eternity and The Outer Worlds. On that same day, it was revealed that Microsoft also acquired InXile Entertainment, a studio that is known for reviving both the Wasteland and Torment series.

After the acquisition of several game studios, it is exciting to see what Microsoft's lineup of games would eventually be like. Given that Sony will not participate at the E3 conference this year, it is possible that all eyes would be on Microsoft and the selection of first-party exclusives it will be offering for the Xbox One.

Source: Twitter

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