Microsoft Will Keep Redeemable Codes While MS Points are Phased Out

Microsoft Will Keep Redeemable Codes

Although Microsoft plans to phase out their points system by years end, one relic of the dated system will remain: the redeemable codes. Allowing gamers to pick up a single game or piece of DLC by purchasing them in retail stores redeemable codes have been a convenient way to circumvent the points system, but now they might seem unnecessary.

There's no comment from Microsoft regarding the redeemable codes, and why they would plan to keep them, but our guess is their ease of use should play a factor. On top of that, with Xbox Live now using real world currency for purchases, redeemable codes are the handiest way of gifting a downloadable title like Alan Wake's American Nightmare to someone.

When it was first announced that the MS Points system would be phased out our first question was how Microsoft was going to handle gamers who are wary of placing their credit card information on the Xbox Live servers. After numerous cases of malfeasance have occurred recently, some that have hit pretty close to home, one has to imagine a large segment of Xbox Live users are pretty gun shy about putting their information back out there.

What these redeemable codes could do, if used correctly, is provide gamers will a way to purchase region specific currency for their account, but not have to keep their credit card info on file. Obviously there is a lot of added work in purchasing a code and then redeeming it for the same value paid in store, but if it delivers the added comfort we're all for it.

There's still a lot more to be revealed on Microsoft's end regarding this elimination of the MS Points system, but so far it seems like the smart move for the publisher, especially considering they should be unveiling a new console this year. It's about time Microsoft moved into 2012, and what better way to do so than to eliminate this antiquated system.

Do you hope that Microsoft keeps the redeemable code pre-paid cards? Or does that still remind you of the points system?

Source: Eurogamer

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