Microsoft Raises Kinect Sales Expectations From 3 Million to 5 Million Units

Kinect Times Square Launch

The Microsoft hype machine for Kinect is running at full speed and doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. We have Oprah and Ellen trying to sell the device to women, and we have Jimmy Fallon trying to influence the younger crowd. It has been seen on the TV shows Chuck and Entourage, and it had a huge launch party in New York's Times Square. With all that marketing money being spent Microsoft is expecting the Kinect to be huge. In fact they have even raised their expected sales numbers from 3 million to 5 million for the holiday season.

Previously Game Rant reported that Microsoft expected the Kinect to be the biggest platform launch in gaming history. Back when that story was written some people doubted Microsoft's claim. Since then Microsoft has raised their expected sales by another 2 million units. Speaking with CNET on November 3rd, a Microsoft spokesperson revealed their revised Kinect sales estimates:

"The demand for Kinect for Xbox 360 is exceeding expectations. So we're increasing our forecast from 3 million sensors sold this holiday to 5 million. That's bigger than any launch in Xbox history."

Microsoft isn't the only group touting the strong expected sales of the Kinect. Billy Pidgeon, Senior Analyst at M2 Research, expects that Microsoft will be able to sell as many Kinect units as they can make this year:

"I think Microsoft will sell as many Kinect as can be produced and shipped this holiday season. If five million Kinect are available at retail in North America and Europe, five million will be sold."

Pidgeon also went on to discuss how all of the different motion control devices for the current consoles conflict with each other. He doesn't view Sony's Move as competition to the Wii bcause, "Move is currently more of an attraction for gaming enthusiasts." However, he does view the Kinect as a serious threat to the Nintendo Wii unless a price cut is made as he feels the Wii has reached a saturation point. It will be interesting to see how Sony and Microsoft's motion control devices stand up to the already successful Wii in the next few months.

Now I could end up being entirely wrong on this, but I think all of these sales estimates are buying a little too much into Microsoft's hype machine. With all the talk of high pre-orders and stores selling out, why are the Kinect displays at my local Wal-Mart and Best Buy busting at the seems with Kinect sensors? Is Microsoft attempting to get people rushing out and buying one by spreading rumors of high demand? Early next year when the final sales are revealed, if they get revealed, it will be interesting to see how right or wrong Microsoft turns out to be.

So readers, how many of you went out an purchased a Kinect? If you don't have one already are you planning on getting one this year? Do you think Microsoft has a shot at selling 5 million units?

Source: CNET, Industry Gamers

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