The full reveal of the Xbox One X, previously known as Project Scorpio, was one of the most-wanted aspects of Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference, and the conference itself certainly didn’t disappoint. The show first gave a huge overview of the console itself, as well as confirming its official release date, and Microsoft eventually confirmed the Xbox One X price of $499. Although that may seem expensive to some, Microsoft itself is happy with the price point it has set for the console.

That is, according to Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg. Greenberg, who sits as Microsoft’s game marketing head, talked about the price of the Xbox One X during the YouTube Live coverage of the Microsoft presentation, and was more than willing to praise the $499 price tag. Indeed, Greenberg stated that he was “proud” that the Xbox One X would be available at that price.

The Microsoft executive then explained exactly why Microsoft was so keen on the $499 price tag. According to Greenberg, the Xbox One X was “not designed to be a low-price product, but a premium product for people that want the very best console gaming they’ve ever seen.”

Given the final reveal of the console’s specs, it is fair to say that the Xbox One X is going to be something of a graphical powerhouse in comparison to its competitors. One look at the Xbox One X full specifications shows exactly how powerful the console will be, with Greenberg himself explaining that the console’s performance will be a “massive leap” in the world of console gaming.

Whether gamers agree with Greenberg over the price point of the Xbox One X remains to be seen, and it may well rely on exactly how impressive games look on the console. Meanwhile, a further strengthening of the Xbox One lineup certainly wouldn’t hurt matters, and so Microsoft will be hoping that the release of Crackdown 3 will go a long way to make gamers take a crack at the new device.

Certainly, Microsoft has time on its side to get people on board with the Xbox One X. After all, with the console not releasing until November 7, 2017, there are still many months for Microsoft to make the super-powered console a must-have platform for gamers everywhere.

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The Xbox One X releases on November 7, 2017, and will cost $499.

Source: YouTube