Microsoft Shows Off Potential Project Scorpio Dashboard UI

xbox scorpio dashboard ui

Whether its down to the device's powerful processor or its continued backward compatibility functionality, the key features of Project Scorpio are a means for excitement when it comes to many Xbox fans. Now, potential buyers may have been given a vital glimpse at the upcoming device's dashboard user interface, courtesy of Microsoft.

This happened during the Build 2017 developer's conference, where Microsoft showcased the Motion Fluent Design System interface in action. Here, the Fluent Design System was unveiled for a variety devices, including both Windows 10 and Xbox One, leading many to believe that this may be the dashboard UI for Project Scorpio once the super-powered Xbox releases.

This belief comes down to the way in which Microsoft has described the Fluent Design System, claiming that the interface will act as a universal UI across varied Microsoft devices, such as Windows 10 units, Hololens, and more. As such, it seems likely that the company would want to bring Project Scorpio in line with its vision for devices overall.

project scorpio dev kit

Through the Fluent Design System, Microsoft appears to be aiming to create a UI design that allows users to work in flexible ways across multiple devices. Indeed, the company seems to have a focus on seamless, multi-sensory design choices when it comes to this UI, which perhaps speaks further about the expectations of the impact the Hololens will have on the market. However, some users may feel a little sceptical over this based on previous attempts to create seamless UIs for Microsoft products, such as some heavily-criticized aspects of Windows 8.

Project Scorpio, however, seems to have a huge amount of positivity surrounding it at this moment in time. Microsoft appears to be putting together an extremely powerful console with some very innovative design choices, and if those graphical comparisons are anything to go by, there are going to be some substantial improvements over the standard Xbox One.

Whether this then works out as a commercial success, of course, will most likely rely on the appetite of gamers for a new console purchase halfway through the traditional generation, but some analysts believe that to be the case. Indeed, NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatella has even suggested that Project Scorpio could help Xbox One outsell the PS4 this year, which would be a tremendous achievement given the continued popularity of Sony's console.

Source: Microsoft Fluent, WCCFTech

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