Microsoft releases a trio of concept images showing Microsoft games getting the Pokemon GO spin, prompting some to wonder if the company is gauging fan interest in such an idea.

Microsoft has officially joined in on all of the Pokemon GO fun in the form of a playful tweet. Yesterday, Xbox UK released an image depicting three different Microsoft titles getting the full Pokemon GO treatment, stating that the company couldn’t help but wonder what some of its hit games would look like if they played off of the map-based gameplay from Niantic’s biggest hit. The image has been shared plenty of times since, and has triggered plenty of fan feedback in regards to the above image.

It’s clear that Xbox UK put plenty of thought into the Pokemon GO versions of the above three games. The Crackdown application looks like it has gamers taking over individual buildings and collecting orbs, which is a fitting tribute to actual gameplay from the series.

Likewise, the Halo application features plenty of soldiers and vehicles clustered around the map, and the Forza application seems to feature plenty of Horizon festivals – though we admit the idea of a GPS-based racing application would result in a game much more dangerous than Pokemon GO – although that isn’t to say that GO hasn’t already resulted in a few vehicular accidents on its own accord.

pokemon go nostalgia
In a fitting dose of irony, Xbox UK’s tweet featured the three games playing on a trio of Windows phones, which don’t actually feature the ability to play Pokemon GO itself. Ironic branding issues aside, it’s a thoughtful image that has triggered a large response from fans trying to figure out if this was simply a harmless social media post, or if Microsoft is gauging fan interest about actually developing one of the games.

To lend more credence to those thoughts, Xbox UK followed up the tweet with a quick poll question to see what game fans would like to see receive the Pokemon GO treatment, so it’s definitely possible that the company is scoping out fan reactions to deliberate on actually making some kind of Pokemon GO clone. The concept of this year’s biggest hit mobile application more or less started off as an April Fools joke a few years ago, though upon release the application quickly rose to become one of the most popular applications of all time.

Given how popular media has embraced the game, we wouldn’t fault any developer or publisher for trying to latch onto such success. In any event, for now we can simply appreciate the beauty of the concept images above.

What games would you like to see get the Pokemon GO treatment, Ranters?

Pokemon GO is available in select areas for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Xbox UK (Twitter)