Two of the most anticipated games arriving this year are unquestionably Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. The fighting franchise has been a commercial success for the house of Mario ever since it first debuted on the Nintendo 64, and many are banking on the forthcoming iteration to pull the struggling Wii U out of its current slump. Given the success of the series, it was inevitable that other companies would try to copy the cross-over centric formula, but Microsoft apparently doesn’t believe that’s a viable option at this point in time.

According to the head of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer, there’s no shortage of love for the Super Smash Bros. series on his end, but he believes that the premise is best executed with the stellar back catalogue of properties at Nintendo’s disposal. This revelation came forth during a recent Twitter conversation with a fan whom jokingly brought up the prospect of a Super Smash-esque game coming to Xbox.

Spencer brings up a valid point when he refers to Nintendo having a better base of iconic IP to work with than the competition, as past attempts by other companies showcase. The more recent shortcomings of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on the PS3 and PS Vita seem to demonstrate the studio head’s point, as its lacklustre performance at retail lead to Sony cutting ties from the title’s developer, SuperBot Entertainment, altogether.

These comments don’t necessarily dismiss the potential of a Super Smash Bros-like fighter for the Xbox One, but it doesn’t paint a very promising picture for those hoping to see the likes of Master Chief and the newly acquired Marcus Fenix go toe-to-toe against one another. Whether or not this stance will remain permanent or not remains to be seen, but the launch of blockbuster Xbox One exclusives like Titanfall and Halo later this year should keep players more than entertained.

Would you like to see a Super Smash Bros. clone on Xbox? Which Microsoft characters would you like to see throw down?


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Source: Phil Spencer — Twitter (via GoNintendo)