Rumor Squashed: Microsoft NOT Buying ‘Silent Hills’ IP

By | 1 year ago 

They say that when something is too good to be true it oftentimes is. Such is the case with Silent Hills, and the rumored revival in the works at Microsoft.

Late this week, a rumor surfaced that claimed Microsoft was looking to purchase the Silent Hills IP from Konami. The Xbox One manufacturer was allegedly willing to pay a billion dollars for the rights to Silent Hills, and if they did secure the property would announce the deal at their E3 2015 Press Conference.

Unfortunately, rather than let Silent Hills fans see a glimmer of hope, Xbox head Phil Spencer took it upon himself to set the record straight. He didn’t want fans to go on thinking there was hope for Silent Hills at Microsoft, and so replied to a Twitter question with this message:

While plenty of gamers wanted to believe the rumors, there was a certain sense of skepticism in the air. Moreover, the rumor itself came from an “unnamed source” and seemed unsubstantiated at best.

Yet, it felt worth reporting on if only because Silent Hills has been such an important talking point. Fans desperately want to see this game release, and by any means necessary. They even started a petition in the hopes of convincing Konami to revive the project.

But to believe that Microsoft would be willing to pay billions for a game that was barely into development and would require millions more to complete seemed rather ludicrous. Not to mention the amount of sales money Silent Hills would need to generate just for Microsoft to see a profit. Now, if the rumor had simply been that Microsoft expressed interest in purchasing the property, then that would have been more believable. This, though, seemed like a random stab in the dark – a rumor that stirred the pot but did little else.

So, in the end, there was a tiny bit of excitement among the Silent Hill fan base, but it was short lived. While Microsoft could have easily let the rumor go on for several days or weeks, props to Phil Spencer for coming out and setting the record straight. Had the publisher said nothing that might have lead fans to believe the rumors were true, but now they can go back to being disappointed in Konami.

Do you think some publisher should try to pick up the rights to Silent Hills? Is it best to let the project stay dead?

Source: Phil Spencer