Could a new Xbox One console be on the way? Multiple sources tell The Verge’s Tom Warren that a variety of Xbox prototypes are being tested at Microsoft.

Another day, another report that new console hardware is on the way. This time the report comes from Tom Warren of The Verge, who cites multiple Microsoft insider sources claiming that Microsoft is testing a “variety” of new Xbox prototypes, including one that can be upgraded like a PC.

Rumors have been swirling for awhile now that Microsoft has been gearing up to reveal a supposed Xbox One and a half, which would in fact allow people to upgrade their systems similarly to how PC gamers can upgrade their computers. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer denied these claims, saying that if a new Xbox was going to release, it would do so “in big numbers” – insinuating that the next Xbox hardware would be a ninth generation console, and not just an Xbox One with minor upgrades.

However, there are some rumors about new Xbox hardware that Microsoft has yet to deny. For example, a digital-only Xbox One Slim is said to be in the works, with a possible reveal at E3 2016 and a release for the end of the year. Perhaps one of the Xbox prototypes that the company is supposedly testing is the rumored Xbox One Slim model, which seems like a much more likely possibility for actual release than the Xbox One and a half.

Xbox One Revision at E3 Rumor

Of course, it should be noted that video game companies test hardware prototypes all the time. There’s no guarantee that the hardware will ever see the light of day outside of the testing phase, and so it’s possible that whatever ideas Microsoft is allegedly kicking around will never materialize. Even so, the prospect of new console hardware can be exciting for gamers.

Having said that, gamers should lower their expectations of seeing new Xbox hardware for now, as there is no way to verify if this information is correct. However, with GameStop expecting new console launches soon, it would make sense for Microsoft to be working on a modified Xbox One for release this holiday season. Furthermore, it could help the Xbox brand remain at least somewhat competitive with PlayStation and the supposed PlayStation 4.5 console that may be in the works.

With the Nintendo NX said to be releasing later this year as well, 2016 could see numerous console hardware launches before it’s all said and done. Whether or not Microsoft actually has skin in this game or not remains to be seen, but with E3 2016 right around the corner, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Source: The Verge