Microsoft’s Xbox head reveals the tech company almost went on to release an upgraded Xbox One this year that wasn’t the firm’s much-vaunted Scorpio system.

As many fans are probably aware by now, Microsoft used its E3 2016 press conference to detail lots of new projects for the year ahead and beyond. Perhaps the most notable reveal among the company’s forthcoming products, though, was the official announcement of the rumored Project Scorpio, which was preceded by the reveal of the firm’s smaller and more sleekly designed version of its current generation console dubbed Xbox One S.

As touted by Microsoft, the Xbox Scorpio is set to deliver groundbreaking visuals and will be more powerful than any other console it has released to date, but the only way for fans to receive the full impact of the system’s strength is to own a 4K TV. Interestingly enough, even though Microsoft is now currently offering fans three different iterations of its Xbox, the console division’s head, Phil Spencer, recently revealed that the company almost released a new system this year that wasn’t the Scorpio.

During an interview with the press outlet Eurogamer, Phil Spencer divulged that Microsoft already had a 4K console in mind for 2016, and had even gone as far as to design a spec model to prepare for shipping. Regarding the decision to focus on making the Scorpio a true 4K system and pushing it back into next year, the Xbox head said:

“We could have done a new update this year. We actually looked at it. We went all the way to, we had the spec in front of us, should we ship something that’s less than Scorpio this year, but in truth you can’t do a true 4K console this year.

“And I just didn’t think anything between what is effectively a 1080p console and the 4K console, like, from a consumer television standpoint there’s nothing in the middle. So let’s go focus on 4K and next year was the right year to do that.”


Considering the fact that the market is already clustered with console variations and the announcements of new ones on the way—Sony got its own 4K system too with the PS4 Neo—Microsoft’s decision to hold off on releasing another console alongside the Xbox One S was a smart decision. Not only will the company be able to have one less product to worry about, but it will also allow developers to focus on making the Scorpio as strong as it can possibly be.

At any rate, should gaming fans be in the market for a fresh console at this point in time, the Xbox One S is slated to come out in August. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that although it’s 40% slimmer than the Xbox One and has a pretty low price, its power advantage will have “literally no impact” on game performance as proclaimed by Xbox planning lead Albert Penello.

What do you think about Microsoft almost releasing another console this year? Would you have wanted a system that bridged the gap in between now and when the Scorpio’s release window of 2017? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Microsoft‘s console for Project Scorpio is set to release sometime next year.

Source: Eurogamer (via VG 24/7)